We think you already know that among all the parts of the shoe, the sole is the most loaded. It deforms, scratches, dries out, and sometimes dents appear on it. Such facts show that you have not long to show off your favorite shoes.

And of course Reborn has a solution to such problems.

Prevention – an individually designed footprint made of a special durable material that protects the surface of the sole of your shoes from aggressive environments.

profylaktyka obuvy

What shoes can be put on prevention?

Prevention is usually applied to more classic shoes, where the sole is flat and does not have a large tread.

We can also make a preventive mark for sneakers and boots.

Prevention is suitable for:

1. Worn shoes to eliminate the above problems;

2. New shoes to avoid difficult sole problems in the future.

How is the process of establishing prevention?

1. The sole is cleaned;

2. If necessary, level all dents by extending the sole;

3. Glued prophylaxis with a high temperature.


What prevention materials are used in Reborn?

We use only Italian materials from the Vibram brand. For shoes like Christian Louboutin we use glossy materials.

To calculate the cost of repairs, send us a couple of photos of your shoes