Leather pockets inside the shoes

Even with super-neat wear shoes and constant use of a shoehorn, the inside pockets can be rubbed.

The inner pocket of the shoe is a soft inner back of the shoe, designed to protect the heel of the foot from rubbing and calluses.

pockets inside

Why is it necessary for the inner pocket to be intact?

1. Protection of the foot from calluses on the heel;

2. Your socks do not tear or rub on the back;

3. You can easily take off your shoes when visiting, while not blushing from the look of your shoes and socks.

Leather pockets inside the shoes

How do we do that?

1. First we align the back inside of the shoe;

2. We develop new pockets especially for your shoes;

3. Glue the joint to the joint;

4. Drying.

Leather pockets inside the shoes

What materials do we use?

1. Genuine leather

2. Suede

It is selected by color, and according to your wishes. And of course we can advise which pockets are best for your shoes.

To calculate the cost of repairs, send us a couple of photos of your shoes