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Universal shoe cleaner made of any material

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Reborn Shoe Cleaning Foam: a professional solution for providing impeccable cleanliness and care to your footwear. This innovative formula is developed with the modern demands of footwear in mind and ensures effective cleaning of various materials used in their production.

Shoe Cleaning Foam

Thanks to its versatility, the foam is ideal for cleaning a wide range of materials such as leather, nubuck, suede, textiles, synthetics, and more. However, it’s important to avoid using this product on aniline leather, exotic animal hides, and products made from recycled materials, as it could lead to unwanted effects.

Sneaker Cleaning Foam

Reborn Shoe Cleaning Foam contains distilled water and a specially selected component – a surfactant (Surface-Active Agent), which ensures high efficiency in removing dirt, dust, and stains from the surface of your shoes. Lightweight and convenient to use, the foam leaves a sense of freshness and a renewed appearance even on the most worn-out footwear.

For storage, it’s recommended to keep the foam out of reach of children, ensuring safe usage. Please follow the usage instructions and refrain from applying the product on materials it’s not suitable for.

Reborn Shoe Cleaning Foam

Application Instructions:

  1. Before cleaning, brush off dry dirt from the shoes using a dry brush.
  2. Shake the product and apply the foam onto a brush or the shoes.
  3. Use the foam-covered brush to evenly clean the shoes.
  4. Remove excess dirty foam with a soft cloth.
  5. If necessary, repeat the cleaning cycle.
  6. Let it dry at room temperature.
  7. For suede and nubuck, after drying, restore the nap using a dry brush or a suede brush.

Exercise caution when cleaning shoes made from mixed materials! Before use, test on an inconspicuous area of the item!

Save the bottle and refill it with the product again at discounted rates at Reborn outlets.