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Everything you need for high-quality and proper cleaning of any footwear.

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We have great news for you - we have designed and assembled an unreal shoe shine kit! It will help you quickly and effectively get rid of stains and dirt on your favorite pair.





Cleaning foam. 

We personally developed the composition of this foam, so we guarantee its quality. The composition is selected in the most optimal way, which allows the foam to easily cope with the tasks of cleaning shoes. Such foam is the guarantor of fast, effective and safe cleaning. 


Synthetics brush.

This brush is unique because it harmoniously combines two materials - synthetic fiber and horse bristles. It is this symbiosis that allows you to delicately clean almost any surface of the shoe, thanks to its soft and medium-hard bristles. The base of the brush is made of wood, as it is an eco-friendly material that lasts for centuries!


Midsole brush.

The brush has a wooden base and synthetic bristles. Her task is to clean the soles. Thanks to its bristles (medium and high hardness), it optimally cleans soles made of all materials.



The best material for removing excess foam from shoes. The structure of the fiber allows you to easily remove the foam from both the sole and the shoe itself.



  • winter boots and boots; 
  • ugg; 
  • sports shoes (bicycles, spikes); 
  • sneakers; 
  • shoes and moccasins; 
  • ballet flats and boats; 
  • sandals and crocs.



  • any genuine leather, except aniline; 
  • artificial leather; 
  • combination skin; 
  • leather substitute (leatherette); 
  • natural nubuck; 
  • nubuck oil; 
  • felt; 
  • suede; 
  • rubber; 
  • textiles; 
  • velor; 
  • synthetic materials.

 We can talk endlessly about the rules for cleaning shoes. Surely you have repeatedly heard advice on caring for shoes, how to clean, how to clean and others. Let's try to figure it out and put everything on the shelves. 



  1.  First, of course, you need to prepare your shoes for cleaning. To do this, you need to unlace the shoes, get the insoles from the inside. 
  2. Then you need to remove dust and dirt from the shoes with a Synthetics brush. Naturally, this will not make your pair clean, but by removing the top layer of dirt in this way, you can easily clean the shoes later.
  3. It is important to understand that it is best to start cleaning shoes from the sole. Here you will need a Midsole brush. Apply foam to the underside and sides of the sole. Thoroughly clean the sole with a Midsole brush and remove any remaining foam with a microfiber. 
  4. Apply the foam to the shoes and cover them evenly. Use a Synthetics brush to clean the surface. Remove the remaining foam using microfiber. In the same way, clean the inside of the shoe.
  5. Clean the laces and insoles separately using foam and a brush. 
  6. Let the shoes dry at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. This is important, if you do everything right, then you are guaranteed a positive result. 




This set is ideal for those who care about their appearance and appreciate their shoes. If it’s not a problem for you to devote 5 minutes of time for the sake of a neat appearance of your shoes, then feel free to order a shoe cleaning set. You will be pleasantly surprised by the cleaning result! 


The ReBorn team is here for you, which is why we're constantly looking for ways to make your shoes look 110 percent perfect, and that's why our shoe cleaning set was created!


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