How we do this?

Here we’re going to tell you what stages your kicks go through when they are
takento reincarnation process to ReBorn

Receiving the pair


We carefully examine the pair, offer the solutions, agree the services, record agreements

Disjointing the pair


We carefully take out the removable parts of the shoes (insoles, laces) to get the full access to the inside parts for future cleaning. Then we adjust the mold carriers, and our cleaning journey begins.

Midsole and undersole cleaning


We remove dirt from the outsole and perform the deep midsole cleaning to make it shine again.

Deep upper cleaning


Professional care products by Reborn, it’s your time. We use them to clean the upper part of a shoe, remove up to 90% of mud and stains (even from that hot-dog you ate last summer). We work with any type of material, any colours and states. Considerately and responsibly.

Antiseptic treatment and deep inside cleaning


We believe that the inner world should be rich. But not when it goes about sneakers. We remove the dirt from the inside of the shoe, sanitize & deodorize.

Insole and lace cleaning


Crispy clean insole and lace make your shoes look like brand new. They are the object of our attention at this stage.



After all these spa treatments we dry your footwear in natural conditions, using special shoetrees. These keep the shoes from creasing and prevent the damage to the material structures.



Then we examine the cleaned pair once again. We fix and re-paint all the details that require our attention to make your shoes look perfect.

Packing and handing out


Here we reassemble your pair back again, putting insoles and laces where they’re supposed to be. Next step is QC test. After that we put your beautifully shining shoes into pretty paper bag and wait to hand your sneakers to you proudly.

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